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Aerosol units provide a tested and proven way to interrupt the chemical chain reactions occurring in the lithium-ion battery fire and suppress the fire resulting in further temperature reduction. 


The purpose of the Aerosol Salt Potassium Unit is to allow the first responder on scene to activate it and throw it into the fire that has been contained by the lithium fire blanket. The device will then automatically activate and, depending on the volume of the space, extinguish or significantly reduce the fire while leaving little or no residue.


How to use:
1. Straighten the end of the pins and pull the pin out.
2.  Once the pins have been removed you will hear a click, this notifies the user that the uint is now activated and will start producing aerosol in a approximately  6 to 8 seconds.
3. Within 40 seconds, the contents of the aerosol will be fully dispersed. 

Fire Isolator Salt Potassium Aerosol units

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